Indyal Masala


Nothing screams about our connection to the Portuguese than Indyal – the East Indian Vindaloo. Ideally slow-cooked on an open-flamed, firewood-fed chool (stove), the East Indians prepare Indyal without the onion saute that the Goans prefer.

The East Indian Memory Co.’s Indyal Masala is best had with pork, but you can also use it to make chicken or prawn Indyal or even as a barbecue rub. Add a little vinegar for some fantastic flavour.

Red chillies | cumin | turmeric, and other locally procured spices


250 gms – Rs 140
500 gms – Rs 280
1 kilo – Rs 560

How to order:

Phone Regina D’souza Pereira on +91 982 370 5936 or +91 025 032 4621


Email her at

Mention the quantity of masala you need, we will send you our transaction details, note your postal address and then courier the masala off to you if you are in India.

Do mention if you would like to carry the masalas abroad (after ensuring that the country you are entering allows it) as we can package it for you accordingly.

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