1. How can you contribute?

If you are an EI or non-EI, you can fund our research by purchasing our art, clothes and masalas , or by sponsoring a project we are working on (email us to find out).

If you are in the media or work with museums, art galleries, educational institutions, etc. you can give us a plug, showcase our work, or collaborate with us.

If you are an EI, we would like to speak with you or another EI you know if you/they have:

  • old lugras, photographs, heirlooms, antiques, houses, etc.
  • stories about ancestors that have been a part of major events in Indian or Christian history (eg. if your grandma was part of the Free India Movement, if you knew of a great grand uncle who was the first to migrate to another country, if your neighbour was felicitated by the Pope, etc.)
  • unusual family stories and histories (perhaps a grandaunt who never married, and was a strong, independent woman or a grandfather who joined the circus, etc.
  • sons, daughters, nieces or nephews who have pursued unusual occupations or live an unusual lifestyle.

These stories will be featured on the Stories page on our website, and our InstagramFacebook and Twitter– anonymously if you/they so wish.

2. Are we experts on EI life and culture?


East Indians are a diverse bunch and culture, traditions, cuisine, customs, etc. differ from group to group and gaothan to gaothan. The bulk of the cultural knowledge that we currently possess is anecdotal in nature.

Commendable attempts have been made by community historians in the past to preserve our knowledge, but there is still more work to be done. One of EIMC’s research objectives is to help fill the gaps that exist. As such, our research is a work in progress and we are constantly reshaping our own understanding of the community.

3. Is there an EIMC Store?

Yes and no.

EIMC is an extremely small, family-owned business and we like to keep things sustainable.

We have a mail order kind of retail set up that works best for us. Which means, you can choose what you like from the various products on our website (look at the Art, Apparel and Masalas sections) and phone or email us with your order. We will then advise you the payment options (either money transfer or PayPal) and delivery timeframes. Once your payment comes through, we courier off your order. You can also arrange to pick up your order from our home in Vasai.

4. This website holds insufficient information. Where can I find more?

The EIMC Instagram is where we publish most of our findings and information. You can search its archives using some handy hashtags.

You can also have a look at the additional resources we have shared on the EIMC website.