Free Stuff

Attending an East Indian protest, cultural event, or merely want to make a statement about your identity?

We have you covered with these free, no-nonsense, and 100% East Indian spirited Fight Signs.

  • For best print results, print in full colour in A3 size (can be scaled down).
  • For best real life results, accompany the Fight Sign with very loud shouting and a good Plan B once you meet with success.

Download here.

Would you like to nurture the next generation’s (and your own) engagement with your culture?

Print out and personalise your East Indian or non-East Indian Family’s Culture Exploration Checklist (read more about this here) each month.

  • For best print results, print in colour or B/W (can be scaled down).
  • For best real life results, start a family journal and record your monthly explorations in it – including this list after you’re done with it for the month.

Download here.

Rikaami/jobless at home and looking for a fun bingo game to play with your friends on Instagram?

East Indian and trumpet player Peter Misquitta concocted the East Indian version of the popular Quarantine Bingo games that are doing the rounds on Instagram.

With his permission, EIMC created a downloadable image of The Rikaami East Indian’s Quarantine Bingo for you to use and share around. You can also insert it in a MS Word document and print it out to play IRL!

Download here.