Are we doing a good job at The East Indian Memory Co.? Do you like/hate our products or think they need improving? Can we do better? Would you like to feed us fugias?

Let us know! Leave us a message in the space below (please note that your comment will be public on this page).

To send us a private message, inquiry, an expression of interest (to work with/for us, be a sponsor, donate, etc.), kindly send us an email at eastindianmemoryco at gmail dot com

In the meanwhile, flip through our Facebook Album containing some of the praise we received for our 2018 Calendar on Old Houses of Giriz Parish.

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Hi Team,

    Wanted to congratulate on this very informative and cool website,giving us a wonderful glimpse of east indian culture in its full glory! looking forward to more blogs and cooler lugras.Keep them coming.Even the Fugyas will help!!

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  2. Thank you Reena for doing such a wonderful, and might I add, good looking job of preserving East Indian culture on the internet! Your site is classy and easy to navigate, love the elegant design. And you seem to have thought of everything, including a way to keep it sustainable. That must have taken hard work and dedication to pull off. So proud of you, my fellow East Indian. Looking forward to some cool collaborations in the future and hopefully we can even meet the next time you’re in Bombay. I know I’d be thrilled if that happens 🙂



    1. Likewise, Simona! Thank you for your generous praise and support – EIMC does take a lot to maintain and sustain, but I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean when I say it’s worth it 🙂


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