Poster: EI Love


We were thinking about something that would show our love for all (well, most) things East Indian, and you know what? THERE WERE SO MANY OF THEM!

So we wrapped them up – nice as you please – tight into a heart and made you a poster that’s sure to look iconic anywhere in your home.

Size – 10 x 10
Paper – 250gsm art paper in matte finish
Price – Rs 300*

Available for purchase at the following location:
41 Grace Villa,
Giriz (Opp Giriz Talao),
Vasai (W),
Palghar – 401201
Maharashtra, India

To purchase online, email with your postal address and quantities required. We’ll advise you of the courier costs and confirm your purchase before dispatching them to you.

*we can gift wrap your purchases for an additional cost of Rs. 20. This print can be couriered within and out of India – standard courier charges apply. 

If you are curious about our list of East Indian words, read on below – we’ve categorised them as per type:

  1. Cultural group – Agri, Koli, Kupari, Valkar, Samvedi, Vadval, Bhandari, Kado, Kunbi.
  2. Food – Bottle Masala, Lonvas, Kul-Kul, Patoli, Khimad, Chinchoni, Fugyas, Khuddi, Moile.
  3. Places (we’ve just used the main strongholds for this one) – Thane, Bassein, Mobai, Raigad, Salsette, Gaothan.
  4. Music and culture – Ghumat, Maye-chi Annie, Galyan Sakli Sonya-chi, Hanky Dancers, Soda-Soda.
  5. Lingo – Kai Gav?, Sukala!, Wot Men?
  6. Weddings – Pat-Pat-kar, Umbra-cha Paani, Iskotri.
  7. Dress and ornaments – Poth, Anjelaan-chi Kaadi, Kapotya, Lugra.
  8. History and church – Kaka Baptista, Ladies’ Sodality, Roman Catholic, Mauli-cha Sann.

While you wait for your order to arrive, why don’t you tell us if we’ve missed any vital EI references?

Note: The East Indian Memory Co. is the copyright owner of this artwork and idea. Kindly refrain from copying and sharing it without crediting EIMC as the artist and owner. 

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