The East Indian Memory Co. is helmed by Reena Pereira-Almeida an East Indian who doesn’t live in her beloved Bombay (now Mumbai) anymore, but still believes in the spirit of this wonderful city and derives great pleasure in calling herself an East Indian, especially one hailing from a town as old and magnificent as Bassein (now Vasai).

With help from her family and close friends, she decided to start the East Indian Memory Co., an art, culture and history project that aims to focus on the East Indian community of North Konkan, and initiate conversations about its past, present and future with the wider world.

The East Indian Memory Co. is part of a journey that started with Miss Lorraine Fernandes, Reena’s history teacher at St Joseph’s Convent, Panchgani (a hill station in Maharashtra, India) who imparted her lessons with insight and great passion and constantly encouraged her students to question and critique the past.

This interest in all things old and fascinating was further nurtured by Reena’s Ancient Indian Culure teachers at St Xavier’s College, Mumbai – Dr Radha Kumar and Dr Anita Rane-Kothare – two women whose knowledge and expertise for the subject continue to inspire and motivate her, years after completing her Arts major in the subject.

When the internet took off in India (late 2000s), Reena was gearing up for her nuptials. The lack of any substantial information about her community as well as the Catholic community of Mumbai, especially in terms of the marriage customs, kicked off Plan M where she began documenting her wedding preparations.

The interest garnered by this blog inspired an informative bridal blog, Bombay Brides, that profiled couples, bridal vendors as well as looked at vintage weddings from the myriad Christian communities that call Bombay home.

Both these spaces are currently dormant, but they have been instrumental in laying the foundation for the East Indian Memory Co.

Reena divides her time between Bassein and Brisbane, her day job and working on EIMC, and keeping in touch with her family and friends back in India. She constantly questions and seeks to understand better the connections between her religion (Roman Catholic), culture (East Indian), society (rural and urban), ideology (feminist), and history (Indian).

Follow her as she wanders around Vasai, Thane, Raigad, and Mumbai (age-old East Indian strongholds) and researches, records and documents her vibrant and fascinating community on the East Indian Memory Co.’s websiteInstagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

To read what various news outlets have to say about Reena’s work with EIMC, head to the EIMC Memory Book. For collaborations, consultation and inquiries, email EIMC at eastindianmemoryco@gmail.com

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