EI Culture Watch: Nirapradh Gunhegar

If you have grown up Roman Catholic in Vasai, chances are you would have heard about the Marathi play Nirapradh Gunhegar*.

A dramatic re-enacting of the life and death of Jesus, this play draws in large crowds during the Roman Catholic season of Lent – especially among the Marathi-speaking section of the East Indians of Mumbai.

A large cast of mostly East Indian actors and extras, backed by a solid technical crew take this show on the road during Lent. They have performed at various venues in Vasai and surrounds till date.

On 3 March 2018, I attended the 49th such performance of Nirapradh Gunhegar at the historic St James Church – a 450 year old structure located at the Northern part of Vasai diocese.


Here are some photos I strung together for an Instagram Story on my evening. You can also view it as a slideshow along with brief video snippets included on the East Indian Memory Co.’s Instagram profile  – look for the Highlight titled Lenten EI Drama.

Many thanks to Mrs Greta for seating me so close to the action – I was able to experience and capture Nirapradh Gunhegar up close.

*Innocent Criminal

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