To an East Indian, there’s nothing like the flavour and fragrance of traditionally home-made masalas.

Formerly known as Grace Nana’s East Indian Masalas, our masalas are made using a family recipe perfected over the decades by Regina Pereira.

East Indian Memory Co. Fine Foods promises the same great taste and affordable prices that loyal customers from both India and abroad have come to love and relish.

Visit the information page for each masala to know more about ingredients, pricing and purchase details:

Bottle Masala*
Fish Masala
Indyal Masala**
Puris Masala

*also known as Mutton Masala
**Indyal is East Indian style Vindaloo

To sample food prepared using these masalas and to experience the flavours of a cuisine not found in any restaurant, you can visit our home in Vasai for a traditional East Indian lunch and heritage experience. To learn more and make a booking, visit Authenticook.

You can also place an order with us for specialty East Indian fare for small groups and exclusive events. New season menu coming up soon. Give us a call to inquire about catering outside Vasai.