East Indian Gallery: Oct ’17

October saw the East Indian Memory Co. kick starting into life with a gradual exploration of gaothan life – mainly in Bassein (Vasai) and Uttan.

I ate a lot of Bombil (Bombay Duck) and Maandeli (Golden Anchovies) – two of my all time favourite fish, had access to a steady supply of tender coconut water thanks to my lovely aunts, attended a feast mass at one of the oldest churches in Bassein, met some ladies who are pretty much veterans at selling lugras and began work on documenting various elements of East Indian life and culture.

I found a printer who belongs to the East Indian Community and whose quality of work I was quite impressed with, so you can look forward to more products soon.

Oh, and I also released my very first artwork, East Indian Love, which is now ready for purchase on this website!

I would be happy for you to share these photos on your networks (don’t forget to add this important bit to your posts ‘Credit: East Indian Memory Co.’ ). You can also find these on EIMC’s Facebook and Instagram. and follow my wanderings on Twitter.

Much love,


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